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Welcome to The Specialty Hospital of Meridian

The Specialty Hospital of Meridian is an acute-care long-term choice for non-permanent placement of a patient who needs extra medical attention in an acute hospital setting. Interdisciplinary treatment programs are designed for patients who are acutely ill with multisystem complications or failures and require long hospitalizations. Our healthcare professionals work hard to generate the highest potential outcomes and maximize each patient's freedom and independence while involving the patient and family in the treatment program.

The Specialty Hospital of Meridian has been providing specialized acute care for medically complex patients since 1994. It operates as a 49-bed long-term acute-care hospital and strives to deliver superior healthcare to the communities of Mississippi and surrounding states.

Hospitalist Program
The Specialty Hospital of Meridian provides in-house physician coverage 24 hours a day. Hospitalists are physicians located directly in the hospital to handle patient admissions from any practice or group and care for patients throughout their hospital stay. The hospitalists are trained internal-medicine specialists dedicated to patient satisfaction and positive clinical outcomes. As well as the hospitalist program, The Specialty Hospital of Meridian has 24-hour emergency coverage from the host facility’s emergency-room physician.

Mission Statement
As a long-term acute-care hospital with affiliated rural health providers, we are committed to the delivery of excellence in healthcare. We will maintain high standards of care and availability of resources, consistent with the expectations of our customers, in a cost-effective manner. Our mission is to care for our patients as well as our communities, defining our motto: "Restoring Quality to Life."

Vision Statement
To deliver superior healthcare services to the communities of Mississippi and surrounding states.

Q & A: Long-Term Acute-Care Hospitals

  • What is a long-term acute-care hospital (LTAC)?
    LTACs are focused on patients with serious medical problems that require intense, special treatment for a long time (usually about 20-30 days). These patients often transfer Radio en Vivo Radio Online from intensive-care units in traditional hospitals. It would not be unusual for an LTAC patient to need a ventilator or other life-support medical assistance.
  • How is a long-term acute-care hospital different from a traditional hospital?
    The difference is in the specialization. LTAC hospitals specialize in long-term acute-care services, while a traditional hospital offers many general facilities and services such as emergency rooms, family birth centers and surgery. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid define a long-term acute-care hospital to be a traditional hospital requiring a length of stay of 25 days or greater at an average.

    Another difference is that LTACs may offer better care for patients who fit their areas of specialization. The LTAC can focus very high standards of care on just a relatively small list of ailments and services, such as intensive wound care, ventilator management, ventilator and tracheotomy weaning, multiple traumas, dialysis and infectious diseases.
  • Is an LTAC like a short-term hospital such as we have in our communities?
    Exactly! An LTAC is a hospital, but the patients in an LTAC are much sicker, require a longer length of stay and have a shorter list of illnesses for which they are treated.